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Another World – WIP

Some of you may recall a POC that I did a while back by the same name. I’ve mentioned that I am a great fan of surrealism but I don’t often do surreal art anymore. Let’s see if you recognize the piece I am paying homage to from these previews…

#1 first hint

Actually, I'd be impressed if anyone could guess it from this one

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#2 second hint

But now you should be able to guess where I got the idea from. No? Need another hint? Scroll down...

#3 last hint

This is a very overexposed hint, but if you can't get it from here then you can't get it. The piece this was inspired by is M.C.Escher's Another World, hence the title...

I hope you're not attached to the ornament on the left, because that's the last time you're going to see it. When I first had the idea to do this piece, I knew I was going to stick the witchring in place of the trumpet but it didn't work out and it got dropped from the final

#4 rough sketch

I am reclining on a tesseract, bo-ring. I will play with my hair instead of marveling at the geometric impossibility of this shape...

Goths are so hard to please

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  1. Your title “Another World” somehow reminded of some lyrics of a Katy Perry song that I actually have to sing it just so I remember the title —-
    In another world
    I would be Goldilocks
    With nothing to do
    All day except
    To twirl my golden locks

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