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Another World – giclee print

I hope this isn’t boring for everyone but I’m really excited about this piece because it was the first time I got to use instantiation. If at any point in time the explanation makes your eyes roll back, just skip ahead to pretty pictures.

So I just used the model and pose from the WIP and then created a new instance of it, rotated it at right angles on all three axes and BAM! There was another version of Goldilocks in the piece with no additional geometry or textures! But it just keeps getting better- when I tweaked the pose, the instance updated automatically!

Probably not explaining this correctly, but I was really excited and then completely gratified by the implementation of this feature. It isn’t a one I will be using often, but it was really cool to play with.

#1 release version

Now you can see why she had a strange pose and here eyes were cocked off to the side- because it had to work from different angles and if you know anything about compromise, you'll know you end up with something that nobody is happy with

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#2 rough sketch

Here is the rough sketch, but it is of one of the variants

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