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Like the dawning of an era

As the story goes

Another chapter unfolds…

As I stepped on thru the furnace

Had my eyes on the horizon

Content to refrain

I was hot 

I was like cooking 

But then an angel 

came my way 

And when I kneeled down to pray

There she was 

dripping from her melanin…

Still a poet

Still a bard

Still bronzed from my birth

My veins felt like liquid steel,

As for my heart

I couldn’t feel it

I thought it was hard

Content to remain

I was not looking 

But there she was

Purified by flames

She’d been thru the fire

In her element

She’s gold shining from all the glory…

A surprise fit for size

As my nature rises

Felt the skies open up 

Just picture sands drifting

thru an hour glass

I B helpless 

like I’m falling all in



I felt the rhythm of her heart beat

Slowly melting mine

like candle wax,

In that moment

As clear as crystal

When the sun, moon

and stars came together

Me saw visions of her

pirouette thru a tropical river…

I must have got it bad 

Like bad to the bone

Senorina Caffeina 

Have you seen her

She’s saxxy like my saxophone 

I still pinch me

Cos it feels like I’m dreaming

But when I look into her eyes

I see her coat of many colours

I be shy when I smile

Cos she colours my heart

like the rainbow…

Content to remain

I swear, I swear

I was not looking for

Gold shining in her element

But then an angel came my way,


And there she is…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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