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…and a bottle of rum – WIP

Yar, she be a right swashbuckling lass. I can give her some weapons if you want but right now I am most concerned about her pose. There will be a poll about the poses any day now, please look forward to it


What do you think?


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  1. I like the standing one best. It shows off the fetching costume to the best effect and of course, from a woman’s point of view it is more empowering. Remember all the fuss with the Impressionists when an artist dared to show a woman who dared to look at the viewers. I like that #1 is boldly surveying us.

  2. My avatar in the City Girl game on Facebook has a similar short dress and pirate outfit, including boots, but i dont think she has the hat.

    this girl here looks like a play role playing character. maybe design art for RPG games.


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