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An Entirely New Look At Coloring My World

Thanks to @DocAndersen and his latest new challenge he dug up my first post here on Virily. I cannot believe how I posted this poem of mine with the photo on top of a starflower. I cannot find the same photo now but I can tell you I would have posted this differently with many photos. So what I have done is revised my post and made it into a new post with photos that reflect the verses I have written. 

I want to color my world,

in the brightest colors.

These gray autumn days,

even the clouds have gone away.

The rain comes sprinkling down,

green apples still upon the apple tree,

I run out and spread my arms,

perhaps dancing in the rain will bring smiles again.

I want to color my world,

in the oranges and reds of sunrise and sunset.

In the bluest hues of a clear sky

and white clouds as they go floating by.

I want to color my world,

through daydreams,

of past springs and summers

and flower-filled meadows.

I want to color my world,

in golden tones,

to remind me of sandy beaches

and white-capped waves.

I want to color my world,

with an unseen paintbrush,

using only my imagination

and make my gray days rainbow bright.

The top photo is of my garden in Riga, Latvia in the spring


What do you think?


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