An Autumn Sunday of Coffee, Fashion, & Art

Saturday, 11.6.21

This morning, I drove to the South Coast Metro area to check out an art reception at noon. But, when I arrived, I was told that the time was changed to 5 pm. So, I drove across the street to the mall and walked around. I actually ended up walking 2.7 miles and 7,153 steps all over and around the mall. The mall was crowded, filled with people shopping for the holidays. 

I stopped at Bloomingdales to sample their Nespresso coffee with almond flavor. It was tasty. 

I checked out some mannequins modeling autumn fashion trends inside Bloomingdales. November 2021 popular colors included olive, browns, beiges, and khaki, as well as popular textures include corduroy and knitwear. I also notices boots, loafers, and oxfords. Popular prints include houndstooth, argyle, and plaid. There were also some animal prints. 

I went back to the Showcase Gallery art reception at 5 pm. I did two videos of the latest November art.

Showcase Gallery art reception displaying holiday artwork, cards, and gift ideas. I noticed one painting looked similar to a Picasso painting, nature paintings, animal paintings, and other paintings.

Bear Street Gallery contains various artwork, which includes, sculptures, ornaments, scarves, collages, paintings, street art, etc.

I left at 6:30 pm. 


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