All the Days of Yesterday

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All the days of Yesterday

Songs dancing in my Mind

Come and see

the world with Me

Kings and Queens and History

Egypt to France

Renaissance to Romance

A telescope or Two

Borrow from to Morrow

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Even ancient Chaldea

amuses Me

The first king ruled

longer than possible

48,000 Years

Then Egypt and Babylon

and on to more

recent Times

Alexander the Great

and Persia and Greece

and battles of Hate

and Heroes and Nero’s

and Romans and Chance

don’t for get Bonaparte

his new marches

to War

and empire that went far,

and Music and Drama

and more Romance

so much to think

so much to Chance

Never enough time

to paint a single Hour

or climb a Hill

or kiss a FLOWER

YESTERDAY dances forever

in my Mind

Go along with the Ride

so much to Find


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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