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Oh my 

Oh me

Oh girl you phat

It’s kinda whack

By all of that

I’ve been phat attacked…

By no rush in

Just a little hush on

Maybe a crush on

Now how about that

A cat

The way she 

Purrs a little

Slurs a little 

Like meow,


Exotically a d’ oeuvre 

Swerved at every curve 

You are 

So damn Phat 

Certainly not average

So we both like waters

Like the freshness of wetness

just after the rains bow,

Tho some have a knack

to do this or that

They got nothing you baby girl

The way you got me spinning

Round n’ round

like a merry go – oh,

Yo aces high 

All the way 

to the bank of Phatness

Your loveliness 

Oh girl you got

that winning streak

Just like that dress on you

fits perfectly sleek…

Hey Miss Cat

Without me being rude

or sounding like a freak

Can I compare thee to a Mercedes?

Or may I say these –

With rounded mounds 

You precious pearl you

Your cup runneth over

like nectar from the gods,

When cat walks down the street

Her exquisiteness 

of milk n’ honey sweet

Will turn blinded eyes

to open up and seek…

Well as for me

Down on bended knee

This music and I

will have my poetry speak

Inch by inch curled up

From your toes up

Girl until we hear 

your sweet soprano peak…


The way she purrs

It’s kinda whack

By all of that 

Who can be tellin’ 

How you became a felon

Ever since you put me

under that attack…

Oh my 

Oh me

Oh girl you Miss Cat,

With all of that

You are so damn 

P.H.A.T. ,


Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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