Akiko’s Last Stand

I’ve watched enough manga to wonder what the curriculum is like for Japanese schoolgirls. It seems like they must be spending most of their time in combat training, with a specialty in archaic weapons and/or firearms and then they’re very active in the occult club or the programming club or the engineering club so it is no wonder they’re always texting; they really don’t have time for a social life!

original title: Double Tap

This piece was actually just a POC to determine if I could render a muzzle flare, which was problematic since the flash itself would need to be a light source. Once I solved that problem, I still needed to include the gibs from a head shot but those resolved quite nicely so I wanted to really go all out and make this a classic zombie picture

To that end a zombie hoard was introduced, including the obligatory fat zombie and junkie zombie. Of course the standard cadaver types are featured prominently in a moonlight urban setting, which covers all the bases except for the so called pregnant zombie (just wasn't able to work her in, dammit)

Unfortunately, things don't look good for our Japanese schoolgirl; even if the recoil of a .44 Magnum doesn't break her wrist she doesn't have enough bullets to get out of this one. Unless the calvary shows up pretty damn quick, I don't like her chances at all. Then again, a zombie apocalypse is the quintessential no-win scenario, so her demise is definitely in keeping with the overall theme...


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