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Abstract Photo Moto 93 – "Walk In, Back Out"

Abstract Photo Moto 93  –  “Walk In, Back Out” is a short abstract art film that goes from soft tones to expressionistic and back again.

I have been making some short fine art films based in abstract photography. These films are silent and are meant to be a purely visual experience.

This film is a sort of transition into the next step of the project which is to edit some of the pieces of the many films I’ve made in the series into more vibrant and interesting abstract films. The early pieces I’ve edited were a good way to organize and familiarize myself with the footage I have already edited. I have been publishing some of these on various platforms as I make them. It is a work in progress and I have been documenting the process as I go.

Please enjoy this purely visual experience and let me know what you think. I meant this project to pay homage to the small gauge films of the early 1980’s.

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  1. Thank you for watching. After editing and looking at things so long I am never sure what I/m seeing at the end. I imagine that you have experienced this as an artist. You never get have that first take. Or, it’s hard too anyway.

    • Thanks so much.
      It was a series of accidents and a sudden realization. I hadn’t seen it either and so at one point I just ran with it. Now that I have these one camera position things done I am planning to cut them up and reassemble them into more.

    • It wasn’t mainstream – a bunch of artists in the cities. Some of this hand held look was used first in the show Miami Vice. With MTV many of these kids started doing music videos. We did exquisite corpse type stuff. Have a theme, pass the camera, everybody films for two minutes…. Stuff like that. I was big on “in camera editing” cuz I’m efficient or lazy. So I pretended that my digital camera was a 8mm and I did what I used to do exactly. But now the quality was through the roof and the cost was through the floor.

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