A tisket, a tasket…

For those of you following my Little Red Riding Hood progress, I promised that I would make her a basket o’ goodies to bring her grandmother. Now you can see my word is good.

#1 test render

So here is my current version of the basket o' goodies. I think the pomegranates really class it up (more on this later) but I am less than pleased with the jug of wine. The basket itself needs a bit of tweaking as well. That having been said, it looks like it is off to a good start

#2 still life

I rendered just the goodies here. I like the pomegranates because they add some red to balance out the palate and aren't the expected apples. Traditionally the fairytale is based in northern Europe, so pomegranates and even pears are unlikely but I've seen both in vanitas paintings so it isn't completely out of the question

#3 previous version

An earlier version of the basket with apples, a baguette and a bottle of wine. It doesn't work nearly as well. Not that the high specularity of her dress works either...

#4 statue render

I just so happened to have a clay render of this piece and decided to throw it in since that's being phased out of my workflow

#5 Put the #$$@&* lotion in the basket!!!

I've seen Silence of the Lambs so many times that I can't model a basket without sticking some lotion in there, or else I'll get the hose again...


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