A Tale Of Depression (Part 1)

Silent musings,

Dancing while moonlit,

Holding late night discussions.

With a legion of demons playing violin music

Sleep evades my mind,

Rest is an expensive commodity In an open marketplace where sleep is auctioned

The future looks bleak

Encircled by certain darkness

Premonitions keeps me awake

The warnings of an impending madness

How do I curb this violent streak?

Taking measures that always overwhelms the scale.

What is this silence?

This perfect calm?

Three seconds before I sleep?

The weight of responsibilities on my shoulders, wearing down my shaky frame.

Anxiety and excess pressure Assistance is resisted

Silent screams but nobody listens

increasing the distance

between me and my sanity.

They say listen to voice of reason

On the threshold of optimism

In the smithery of hope..

Forge your weapon of defense

Mind starts playing tricks on you

A tinge of gladness after the streak of madness

But happiness is illusion

Optimism is a long con

’cause ”people who live with hope, can do nothing but strive with despair”

depression is a nuclear warhead waiting to be triggered

& it’s lengthy suppression,

will explode and manifest as a violent expression.


What do you think?


Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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