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A Rockin’ Halloween

As the full moon shone down,

he rose up blood red lips leering,

his cape black fell about him,

it was the King of Halloween,

Count Dracula,

looking so dapper indeed.

He looked up toward the moon,

to tell if the witching hour had come,

behind a tall oak tree,

a furry paw did appear –

out stepped Wolfie,

for a howl on Halloween.

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Shadows played with the moonbeams,

the hour was nearing midnight,

spirits happily flew through the night,

playing hide and seek,

among the gravestones

and in and out of the mausoleums.

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Lighted and leering Jack-O-Lanterns,

with leering faces,

flew, like shiny,

orange pearls in the dark.

The cemetery was full of life tonight,

the one night that creatures and spirits,

come out for a good old howl.

His fangs flashing he appeared to be waiting

and then he saw her flying past the full moon.

Down she swooped with a cackle,

witch Griselda had arrived.

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The one witchy woman,

who had stolen the Count’s heart.

The Skeletons had set up the band,

they were tuning up,

soon the cemetery was rockin’,

to a Halloween beat.

Wolfie began to howl,

zombies rose up from behind the gravestones,

ready to have a real good time,

The Mummy came hobbling in through the gate,

his red eyes flashing a smile on his face

and Witch Griselda started to sway.

Drac took her for a spin or two,

on the mausoleum floor,

the party would go on

and they’d be doing,

the monster mash,

until the cock crowed –

signaling that dawn,

was on the way.


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    • We had the possibility of lighting a bonfire on Halloween back in Latvia but it was not a celebrated holiday at all and at the end of October it is usually very cold so we just carved a pumpkin and celebrated privately at home,