A Postcard From The City..


I fell in love with a dream

Night after night

In my dreams

A mystery

I fell in love with a thing,

This thing I could not comprehend

It had no shape

No form

No colour

But it spoke with no words…

I fell in love with a dream

that caused me misery

And as I grew it grew

It grew in my mind

It livened my heart

When I had need

It strengthened my spirit…

I fell in love with a dream

That moves like liquid

It burns like fire

Round and round

It turns on an infinite wheel

This dream

It can never age

But rebirths each time it dies…

I fell in love with a dream

A dream I can almost see clearly

I see it’s reflection in things

Things tangible and intangible

I see it in shapes

In forms and colours

I see it in the reflections

of their eyes

At times I hear it speak to me…

I’m in love with a dream

I sometimes see it

I see it

In the reflection of you…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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