Love ItLove It

A Moment In TiMe…

A Moment In Time…

It was bleu

It was me

Then came you,

With the moon full in bloom

The night all so bright,

It was a moment…

You were shy

So was I

You were broody

somewhat moody

But your beauty

Oh my cutie!

The eclipse on your lips

Was like the fleur of the romaunt…


Like the same ole saying

Love is always better

the 2nd time around,

Every now and then

When the moon is full in blue

With not much effort to measure

There’s a treasure lost and found…

Deep in my sleep

Thru the light of the night

Hidden for so long

Beyond the fog

there were thistles,

Beyond the thorns

there were walls,

Behind your walls

I thinks I found the booty…

Last night in my dream

It was all of you

It was all of me,

A once in a blue moon

It was a moment,

A moment in time…

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil 

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    • Thank you Della. I know that every amazing continent has its own unique beauty. However if you ever have a chance to visit Cape Town South Africa. To understand you would have to be there watching the sunset fade into night. You would need to be literally standing on top of the Lion’s Head and also the infamous Table Mountain. Mere words are not enough to express the poetry of the moment!

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