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A line in the sand

No demand by His Grace

Just a choice 

from your voice

Feet of clay

What do you say 

when you pray?

I see you frown like you’s confused

Are you still down with the One 

Mariam called Yahoshua?

Are you sure?

Can you hear 

our red horses neigh?

Please don’t be crying

for water when they quicken

about the war,

A line in the sand

Think about this miss

Tomorrow’s today

Dior to His door

Are you part of His bride

Are you still the Christ’s Miss?

Or have you bowed 

to ones who’ve been dismissed?

Their foolish things 

be no better than the plan,

Who’s the weatherman?

Where’s the prophets of your city

when the fakers fantasize?

Can you realize

that it’s pretty witty 

in the city?

In this time of strife

wise men choose life

See thru their eyes

Hear the prisoners cries

For this reason I prophesy 

that our true Poets Rise

Speaking words of wisdom

to ‘Let it be’,

A line in the sand

for now Redemption is here

Are you awakened

or are you down with the pagan?

There’s nothing vague 

in the Truth

What about the first born?

For as we Exodus

by failing they call upon

that punishment 

of the 10th plague,

I say one last cry

A line in the sand

This time of His new dawn

the fire come down from higher

Of Truth or the liar

Will thee be sailing

or wailing with much nashing

of teeth?

Poets Rising

Are you still down?

See we be standing,

O how we be standing

in the presence of His Awe…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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