A Fluke

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A Fluke

Make me that Oaxacan mole.  Mucho mole guapo.  Stir it, mix it up.

I don’t have mixed feelings for you.  You were the one who put the last

Nail on my lesbian coffin.  Do you make me sin?  Will I make you sin?  What would Father Frank say?

Could I ask, dare I ask, Father, “May I?”

‘But of course’, he’d say.

You will have my blessing.

I will stroke the black and white keys, this beat will keep on pressing.

I had no idea the devil dabbled in ancient Aztec traditions.

I  had no idea Maze could have such introspection.

She realized she needs to make friends in this real.

and yes, maybe I’m amazed.  What are your secrets in the kitchen?

I want to know, and discover every hidden detail about you,

Every last nuance esconsed in your many onion ring layers.

And when you see me, when you look into my eyes, you will know.

You wouldn’t kiss me.

No, not like that.

I was blitzed.

You didn’t feel right about that

Then i fell asleep.

But you made me believe so much more.

You looked up to Heaven and cried, “Oh, God.”

Anguish on your face.

Looking up for answers,  as I fell on your lap.

I am the angel you will fall in love with.

This is why you have no power over me.

I suppose you looked up for guidance because you have mixed feelings.

I tried to make myself another drink as I talked about my ex.

But I threw myself at you, something only my  mother would do.

I guess you realize, that it will take more than 2 Britney’s to fulfill you now.

That is why you were in no rush to take me, as I sat on your couch.

I sit at the church now, 17 candles to my left, 12 to my right.

Wondering, what did I do wrong?  Why did I have such a bad night?

You make me want to bathe in holy water.

Love is a battlefield.

Searching our hearts for so long, both of us knowing.

When we are together, Maze will be the babysitter, making Shirley Temples will soften her up.

When you act childish, you are so full of Luciferness.

You are my Persian buttercup.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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