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10 Tips to Shoot Maternity Photographs

Thursday, August 16, 2018

As I backed out of my garage at around 6 pm, I noticed a red paramedics truck entering my area, and it parked near the community mailboxes. The townhouse was diagonally across from mine, and I noticed the front door was opened. A young female was standing in the doorway, waiting for the paramedics to arrive. I wondered what had happened and if I know the person. I drove to my mailbox to check my mail while I got a closer look. It was very quiet. The paramedics took things with them into the townhouse, including a stretcher. All of the sudden, I noticed an ambulance arrived, and it parked behind the paramedic truck. Five minutes later, a police jeep arrived. There wasn’t any siren blaring. It was very quiet. Not even drama. I am just curious what happened.

I drove to the Canon Experience Center to check out another workshop. This one is about Maternity photography. Karen Bagley, a photographer with Significant Moments Photography, mostly photographs maternity portraits, underwater photos, and newborns. She also has a page of Facebook, New Level Maternity, which is about photographing modern maternity photographs.

  1. Maternity posing is about turning a pregnant woman’s shape, angles, and lines into a modelesque artform.
  2. Setting is about using the composition, backdrop, and surroundings in a visually aesthetic way that works with the maternity model.
  3. Take care of your pregnant client because they are delicate. Make sure they are safe and notice certain body language in order to detect problems before anything serious happens.
  4. Taking modern maternity photos is all about making the pregnant woman appear sexy, sophisticated, and modelesque
  5. Choosing the right location involves finding a place with unique backdrops. Do your research ahead of time by marking locations on the internet maps. Seek out free locations where you don’t need to get a permit.
  6. Consider the lighting, whether Off Camera Flash, natural lighting, or both. OCF lighting creates dark and dramatic effects, while natural lighting tends to create brighter pictures.
  7. Have at least 3 wardrobe changes. It is all about making your client appear sophisticated and glamourous. Consider such stores as Trendy Accessory, Mama Bump, Sew Trendy, and rentals for maternity wardrobe in photo shoots.
  8. You can also find glamourous gowns on Amazon for $20 or $30.
  9. Always practice good customer service with clients. You should have a friendly phone voice, treat others well, and do your best work. Give them a good experience so that they come back and continue doing business with you.
  10. A good time to use a pregnant woman in maternity photo shoots is when the pregnant woman is between 28 to 34 weeks. She is big enough to pose and model her pregnant figure. To make her appear more attractive, have her pose in angles, shapes, and leading lines. Such shapes include triangles and circles. Also, consider composition and placement. Look at everything realistically, but take the photograph in a different way from the normal situation. Think modelesque. Make sure the pregnant woman stands with a good posture, arching her back and keeping her shoulders back. Also, consider poses that involve leaning on the side, back and toward the camera. A-Symmetry is another popular pose.


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