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A few of us

More than two

We be musketeers 

Just like the three

By this seed of me

I do be truly blessed,

After one bun 

Then came another 

From day one

The fun done won

For twice the pledge

Me I gets thrice the love

Rapping n’ clapping making noise

We gentle fellas

We know when to stand poised,


Boys will be boys

Forever my boy

If they don’t get that

Then don’t fret that

In this world don’t act like you know

You gotta know what you know

Keep on keeping on

We got a journey row,

Love’s the infinity 

I’m still intoxicated 

Being in the scenes 

with the expression of my images

And the image is  

made from dust the ruddy the redder

You gots to be the header, 

If you can see,

In the shape of my heart

dwells the abundance of trust

Males of masculinity 

Default by design

We’re pieces of a tree

carved out by the hands of Divinity,

We say

We clay

Yeah we play  

And again and again

we play,

Watch my whelps

Sharpen their fangs

No matter the pangs

Challenges don’t break us

They make us 

And shape us 

By the beauty of His Grace,

With the boys

we be writing chapters

No matter what 

always a smile on the face

We grow from

generation for generation

Learning lessons in life

Measure twice cut once

Thru all o’ that there be

lots and lots of loving,

Just a few of us

We be clay

Yeah we play  

And again and again and…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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