Why Aluminium Composite Panels are becoming so Popular?

There are wide areas where composite aluminum panels can be used. You may find contractors using these panels in buildings and structures. These are durable and eliminate the need for using steel or any other material.

You may find them in the walls and ceilings alike. The panels are lightweight but can support heavyweight. You can search for aluminium composite panel online and see how useful building material it can be in our daily life.

Standard composite aluminum sandwich panels often can support heavyweight and so they are combined with glass and wood material as well.

Best Surface Material

Each panel is manufactured following strict guidelines and processes. The panels are also coated with water-resistant material so it does not get corroded easily. The outer coating of the panels is also resistant to harsh weather conditions.

So no matter what conditions, you can ensure that the outer surface of the walls or the ceiling is always well protected. This is why they are also used for making wall partitions, curtains, and ceiling in old and new buildings.

Industrial Uses

Manufacturers ensure that special quality resin made up of polyvinyl chloride is used for manufacturing these panels. Each panel is also coated with anti-rust and anti oxidized material. manufacturers depend on highly advanced techniques to shape each panel precisely.

So it is obvious that the panels easily fit in the size when used with another panel. They can easily be fastened to each other using simply nut and bolt technique. Specialized metal locks can also prevent these panels from shifting once they have been installed in their place.

So the panels are widely used in many industrial applications like heat insulation, cabinets, and frameworks. It can support any type of weight and even, in the long run, will not easily get damaged.


In general, these panels find their use in refurbished buildings and modified structure works. They can be used for constructing lofts, indoor and outdoor compartments, and balcony. Some industries also use the same material for manufacturing advertising boards and decorative panels.

As it looks very much aesthetic so it is also used in making decorative panels, display stands, and industrial equipment units.

The best part is that you can make use of the same type of material for both indoors and outdoors. This eliminates the need to make a selection of different materials for cabinets and walls.

Where ever you feel that there is a risk of fire damage, it is advisable to make use of ACP’s. These are the ideal choice to be used in places where wooden panels are used very often. For high rise structures where not weight is needed, ACP’s can be the right choice.

As the material is of the quality grade so it is the right option to be used both indoors and outdoors, in places that are exposed to extreme temperature conditions.


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