Nordic Attic Apartment With  Smart Small Space Solutions

This apartment looks so spacious and amazing, although so small. With only 59 square meters, it is a tiny and functional apartment at the same time. It has everything needed for the daily necessities. You will be amazed by the way that they have fitted a kitchen,living room, bedroom,dining area and working space in a space as small as 59 square meters.

The main color is white. To achieve that contrast, the floor is made from black oak. It looks so sophisticated in this combination. And we must mention the fact that this design provides for enough sunlight to come in. We have open layout here, with divided bedroom. These stairs are so eye catching. They lead to the small working space, located above the bedroom. And probably the most amazing thing about this apartment is that it has an opening to the roof. It provides sunlight, and also an extraordinary view. It would be an amazing experience to enjoy a starry night here!

Although small, this kitchen has everything that is needed. It offers enough work space for cooking a delicious meal. It is black and white, with clear lines and simple details.

The simple and small dining area has an interesting fire place near. It gives the whole space a cozy look.  Perfect for those cold winter nights! Some black and white artwork gives some detail to the whole space.



Although the bedroom looks small on the outside, in fact it isn’t. It is simple, grey-toned and cozy. It has a big mirror, that is here to make the space visually larger. That is one smart tip if you want to achieve visually bigger space.



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