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Nice Buildings (Submit Yours And Vote For The Best One)

Let’s add photos of interesting and nice buildings we have seen. The buildings can be of any kind you like as long as you find them interesting.

Let’s see how long the list can grow and how many beautiful buildings we can see. It’s great if you can tell us where the building is located.

#1 Brasov, Romania

A grand old residence in Brasov, Romania. There is some interesting architectural detail above the windows where you can see some sculpted male figures gazing down. 

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#2 Sibiu, Romania

First of all, there are some interesting murals of lions above the windows of this house. 

Second, the cracks in the roof resemble eyes. They are shaped like that because they were built by masons, for whom the "eye" is an important symbol.

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#3 Balboa Park, San Diego California

I love this building in the park. So much character. 

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#4 Hadassah Hospital at night

This is a picture of the Hadassah Hosipital in Jerusalem at night.  It looks like a UFO about to land and take you away.  I am not sure of which department this is, but I had to visit my husband there a while ago and as I was walking to the entrance, I just had to take this picture.

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