Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris ~ The Past and the Future

On April 15, 2019, a fire broke out and the building many of us know as the sanctuary for the gypsy Esmeralda was ablaze!  The Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris was in flames. It was an unbelievable sight to see!  The world was rocked and shocked by the fire that has destroyed this iconic structure.  The fact that the fire happened during the week before Easter Sunday made the event even more poignant for a lot of people.  However, within 24 hours after hearing the news reports, people and businesses from various parts of the globe offered to make monetary contributions for its restoration.  Let’s celebrate the past and the future of this historic monument.

#1 Thank the Lord for digital technology.

#3 Kings of France Were Crowned in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris

#5 The basilica in Montreal is comparable to the cathedral in Paris.

#8 The Cathedral de Notre Dame will be restored.

The future of the Cathedral de Notre Dame looks anything but bleak.  It will be restored and will still be one of the most visited sites in Paris, France.  So if it was on your bucket list of Places to Visit, keep it on the list!

Donations Have Been Made to Help Rebuild Paris' Notre Dame | Time


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    • UPDATE: July 2020 – They (whoever “they” are) reached an agreement to restore the cathedral to its original historical structure; no major modern remodeling or additions. Evidently, former PM Macron wanted to put a pool on the roof. ??? What???? (O.o)

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