A Step By Step Guide To Prepare For NATA

NATA is a highly competitive examination and preparing for it, one needs to follow certain steps and tricks.

Every year thousands of students aspiring to become architects prepare for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. Functioning under the Council of Architecture, New Delhi, India, NATA is conducted each year by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA).

The test judges a candidate’s aptitude in areas such as drawing, aesthetic sense, quantitative aptitude, observational skills, logical and critical thinking. It is compulsory to take this test to be able to apply to architecture colleges in India, without which admission is not possible.

The test has two parts, a two-hour drawing test, and an online aesthetic sensitivity test. To score well in a tough test like NATA it is important to prepare methodically and consistently.

Following is a step by step guide to cracking NATA –

  • Research the Pattern of Exam- Get to know the marking scheme, how many sections are present and which are the most and least scoring portions. Getting a general overview will help you plan your study schedule better and according to the test requirements.
  • Get to Know the Syllabus- The official NATA website has a PDF of the syllabus. Candidates must know the syllabus. Studying out of syllabus or leaving out crucial topics will cost you heavily. Scouting through previous year papers also is helpful to understand what kind of questions are asked usually.
  • Join a Good Coaching Centre- Credible NATA  coaching classes in Mumbai with a qualified and experienced faculty can help you to prepare perfectly. Joining a coaching class will ensure you are not lagging behind in your preparation. You will have teachers to solve your queries and make you aware of the important portions.  Those who are not interested in taking coaching for NATA in Pune, self-study is the best option. Plan a study timetable so that you are abreast with your syllabus and can complete it on time. Always keep a few buffer days aside to refresh yourself.
  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses- For the fortunate few who are equally good at all subjects, NATA should be smooth sailing. For a majority, they have their weak and strong subjects. Play to your strengths and try to ace those portions. Do not neglect your weak subjects and work harder on them. Based on which section carries the maximum marks, distribute your time and effort. Practice your drawing and mathematics section every day as maximum marks are allotted to these sections.
  • Mock Tests- Give as many mock tests as possible before the exam. It will help you to revise and learn new things. It will also boost your confidence and time management on the main day. Do not go easy on yourself during the mock test, stick to the time limit allotted.

NATA undoubtedly is a tough exam to crack. However, do not isolate yourself from family and friends during the preparation period. Architecture is your passion, and chasing your passion must be fun, not tiresome. In your free time, pursue your hobby or do some physical activity.


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Written by Vijay Pathak

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