5 Tips To Avoid Hiring A Phony Architect

Are you looking for an architect to handle your project? It pays to have a checklist of features to consider. Architecture is rapidly changing with newer software that requires making a significant investment to stay at par with industry standards. Additionally, the profession requires balancing art and science backed by good communication and organizational skills. When assessing the various architects available, here’re 5 tips to avoid hiring a phony architect.

Creativity in the architect office

It’s important to visit the architect’s office before you hire them for the job. This is because the layout of the architect’s office says a lot about their design aesthetic and creativity. Your first meeting with the architect can be at your project site. But, ensure to get an opportunity to visit the architect’s office. The best idea is to schedule a visit to the architect’s office a few days of your initial meeting.  The first impression of their reception area will speak volumes of the architect’s creativeness. Alternatively, look out for building models, trace papers, and sketches in the architect’s office.

Organization at the architect office

Architects deal with a lot of information. However, it doesn’t mean that they have to be working from a disorganized office. Apart from creativity, architects require to be highly organized regardless of the volume of details they handle. The project information from clients should be stored neatly in binders and filing cabinets. Is the architect’s office full of large piles of unsorted paper everywhere? That’s not a good sign.

Architect’s website

When searching for an architect, the internet is your best buddy. This will usually bring you many pages of results after searching for a particular keyword. However, there are features to notice on the best architect in the Hamptons’ website that sets them apart from the pack. Most significant of these features are the various awards recognizing the architect for quality service. Some of these might include Readers’ Choice Awards, Dan’s Paper, A.R.E. DESIGN AWARDS, and Architectural Record.

Understanding of local building code

For your project to take off, the architect has to submit your drawings to relevant building authorities for review and approval. Therefore, ensure to work with an architect who can easily make drawings of projects that easily get approved without revisions. The more revisions the architect has to do, the longer it will take your project to take off. Therefore, you need an architect who truly understands building construction guidelines and to avoid pushing your project timeframe.

Quality of project specifications

Apart from drawings, architects have to specify other aspects of the project including plumbing, expected quality level, and electrical features. The architect has to communicate any other information that can’t be explained through drawings. An architect who can’t offer such project specifications  is bound to leave a lot of unanswered questions regarding the project. This might cause discrepancies in the future.

Bottom line

Hiring a Hamptons architect is not challenging if you know how to avoid falling for phony architects. Spending time to choose the right architect with qualification and experience to handle your project pays off in various ways. The tips above will surely help you make a wise choice for your Hamptons architect.


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