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You’re on the move now.

She wanted to tell me: It’s your turn now. Come play with me. Look, I’ll give you the ball. “

These playful and loving creature can be a wonderful pet. Squirrels are beautiful and interesting, but it must be known that they are also freedom-lovers.

If you decide to get a squirrel you need to have a large rodent cell. At least 1 meter or maybe 2 to make the animal feel good.

Even under these conditions, you’ll need to open the cage for at least 1 hour a day to allow it to run over the segments and cornices. If you can not run the animal, it is better not to take a squirrel. Caring for the squirrels is more difficult than caring for a dog or cat, but you will love it for sure.

These creatures can always rejoice with your game, and when they become accustomed to one, they become the warmest and softest plush toys ready to do some masterful acrobatic performance on the cornice.

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