Would You Like a Dog Like Cerberus

The modernization had created so many things that can be useful to people’s lives. Modern gadgets are spreading like fire to the people across the globe. Power plants had been created to serve as the source of energy. The disadvantages had been debatable up to this date. There are some cases that power plants can leak and mutate the living things. It is simply mutant in the form of abnormalities to human body parts and even animal can be affected by the same course of defects.

In Greek mythology, there are some creatures that resemble to be mutant. For instance, the dog with three heads called Cerberus. It was a pet dog of Hades in the underworld. It seems that Greek authors are so aware of mutants. “Is it possible that abnormalities of animals do exist during their time?” Perhaps the creation of Cerberus is due to the existence of such human or animal body parts’ defects.

At present, there are so many animals have such mutation of its appearance. If surfing the internet, you will find some animals that are two-headed such as snakes, pigs, etc. Thus, it appears that mutant animals do exist in the ancient times. But then, there is no proof of its existence during the Greek period of creating mythological stories. It still exists for the readers to know the moral lessons and let the people think at present days.

For the government, this will serve as awareness that some power plants should be secured and secure the safety of the local people. The impact of side-effects happened from the previous years. It doesn’t affect humans but also, it definitely affects the animals. It is still a manmade creation and there is always bad effects and can lead to the destruction of the environment. Thus, the issues or concerns are still in the limelight for debates.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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