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My adopted cat Sid has had some major changes in his life. I brought him with me when I came back to the U.S. from Latvia. At first, I thought he would have to become an indoor cat but this made him very sad because he was used to roaming our big garden in Latvia. Finally one day Sid went out of the window to discover a rooftop world. Today he is King of the Rooftop and a very happy cat who is 13 years old but acts like a 3-year-old. Then we were joined by my kitty niece Oreo who is my friends cat and often comes up to visit me. Finally, a cat who was roaming the garden here has decided to come to visit on my porch especially for breakfast in the morning. He is a black and white cat who reminds me of a cat wearing a tuxedo so I have named him Tux. We do not yet, know if he will join our cat family.

This is my Sid when we first arrived in Florida. He was making himself comfortable. 

While still living indoors Sid discovered that it was cooler to sleep in the sink.

While I was still fixing up the apartment SId found that it was better to view things from atop of a shelf. 

But Sid gladly gave all that up when he discovered the joy of being outside and up on the roof.

Then along came my kitty niece Oreo who occasionally will join Sid on the rooftop 

But she prefers lounging on the recliner with her stuffed pig friends.

Here is Tux having his breakfast on the porch. 

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