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Wildlife Threatened By Coffee Plantations

It is unfortunate that coffee has been grown illegally in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park located on Sumatra Island. This coffee gets sold by well-known international coffee companies. The park officials here are always concerned about the possible effects this activity can have on the endangered animals here.

The World Wildlife Fund states that over three hundred thousand tons of tainted coffee were imported from Indonesia. The coffee that was grown illegally in the national park was being sold to local traders who then mix it with legally grown coffee beans and then export the coffee to countries like Italy, Japan, and the U.S.

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There are several well-known coffee brands involved. One of them, Nestle says that it regrets these illegal activities but says that it isn’t always easy to determine the exact origin of the coffee the import. Illegal plantations have covered more than three thousand hectares and there are officials who are always attempting to get the coffee growers to move out of the national park. The greatest danger is the destruction of the natural habitat of some sixty tigers and sixty rhinos thereby making them easier targets for roaming hunters.


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