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Why You Should Volunteer Cairns to Save Wildlife and How It Can Be Rewarding

The world’s wildlife is a love letter to humankind. With several species in need of dire help with protection and rehabilitation, it is our fundamental duty and obligation to do what we can, whenever we can, to save all of these fascinating creatures that share the world with us and provide us with so much inspiration, insight and beauty. To not just give back to the earth but also fulfil our duty towards these magnificent creatures, becoming and being a volunteer for the same is an excellent step in the right direction. There are always several willing participants, but they are often confused or misguided. This confusion arises from questions such as where to apply, how much would it cost, what would be demanded of them and other general queries related to the cause they are volunteering to be a part of.

As of now, we need to be driven, motivated and passionate volunteer cairns can offer towards the rehabilitation of sea turtles through the rehabilitation centre situated in Cairns. This is an excellent place to start off being a volunteer and learn the ropes when it comes to wildlife rehabilitation. It is these individuals that keep these centres that protect and care for animals, running and functioning and therefore, the role of a volunteer is extremely crucial and necessary. This centre is responsible for providing care to Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and Green turtles.

What kind of effect do volunteers have on these projects and centres?

The average treatment and rehabilitation rate of centres like this without volunteering help has been around 20-30%. However, volunteers and their valiant efforts have changed that to a whopping 85%!

What do volunteers do here?

A volunteer’s jobs are varied but all rewarding. Their duties and daily work may include but are not limited to:

* Cleaning

Keeping the turtle tanks clean and hygienic

* Feeding

Volunteers feed these animals (especially turtles)

* Life Guard Duty

Volunteers are required to offer assistance when there is a turtle in distress or when a distress call is sounded.

* Rehabilitation

Volunteers help with the complete rehabilitation of these turtles by nursing them and providing treatment to those who are injured.

* New Initiatives

Spreading general awareness on the topic and helping to bring about means of promoting sustainable, right and humane practises! This can be done through initiatives taken in and for the educational field and co-operation with these fields and associated partners, thereby forming valuable partnerships and alliances geared toward helping these creatures.

What are the qualifications and skills required?

The great news for enrolling to be a volunteer cairn is that there is no required skillsets or qualification. However, those who are willing to dip their toes in the water (quite literally too!) need to have a genuine love and passion toward helping the cause and making a good difference because that will be the core drive and motivation that will last throughout the end and keep you going too.


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Written by Keith Wilson

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