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Who’s Under the Blooming Almond Trees?

The Blooming Almond Trees

February is almond blossom time in my hometown of Paso Robles. Before we became recognized for our fine wines, almonds, not grapes, dominated the countryside. Many of those now neglected almond trees remain and still bloom each year. I don’t know how many of the almonds are actually still harvested.

One February day I was on a quest that led me along Adelaide Road in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. I lost count of all the wineries I passed. Along the road I saw some almond trees in bloom and stopped to photograph them.

The Livestock Under the Trees

As I was photographing the trees, I took a closer look and saw the animals grazing underneath them. Both goats and horses were having lunch.

I got a kick out of the kids. As you can see above, one of them has started nibbling on an almond branch.

In the photo above, you can see that same kid is still nibbling on the tree while his siblings are content with the new green grass. The horse is grazing in the back of the orchard.

Looks like the kid has turned away from his snack in this photo above. You also get a closer view of the almond blossoms, since I used a zoom here.

Are any trees blooming in your neighborhood yet?


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