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When You Think You're Alone


Gepostet von SIXTH SENSE Motivation am Samstag, 7. September 2019


We all can’t make in our lives on our own. One way or another we would need the assistance of someone depending on an occasion.

This is one of the discussion topics here at Virily. We should be there for each other, not against each other. 

The above is a video of a lion which was attacked by 20 hyenas. There was no hope the lion would make it out alive. Unexpectedly, the lion’s pal/sibling comes to its rescue. 

It is a motivational story.


What do you think?

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      • No one depends on anyone here…, as everyone is here only for themselves! Therefore one posts and the ones who likes what is posted reacts!, and that’s it! The problem is there are SOME who will mind other people’s PERSONAL business and problems which have NOTHING to do with them… – that is called GOSSIPING and SNEAKING, and those are ones of the WORST characteristics a person can have…

        Dependency and such things are things that are NOT WELCOMED for ANYONE and are TOXIC…! I don’t like to depend on anyone, but help from a friend is something COMPLETELY ELSE…!!! NO ONE should DEPEND ON ANYONE ANYWHERE………..!!!

          • I understand what you are implying. I don’t mean depending on someone in that you can’t survive on them but realizing one can’t benefit alone on alone site.

          • Something I realized in life is that we are all interconnected. I am grateful to have friends like you. I usually treasure friends that come in my life. We can’t depend on people for our survival but we need them to make living a meaningful experience.

          • Of course, I do agree with that for sure!!!, but I thought this was based on my article where I criticized people who are not minding their own business so I interpreted it differently than it actually is… Thanks for seeing me that way…!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • PS I am actually shocked that you are one of those who are writing about certain things that were among some users here, and actually I even think this post was written based on my own post about independency yet you ignored all my comments here… Pretty insolent………!

          • I haven’t ignored you. I’m unable being online all the time due to what is going on here.
            We should be independent because we are adults and to avoid being taken advantaged of or treated ill. What I meant is that no one will benefit alone in the site. Additionally, we should watch each other’s back meaning we should be kind, care for each other and understandin.
            We can avoid toxic people by not minding them but hating them isn’t the solution.

          • Well I noticed you answered to everyone except to me…

            I agree we should be kind, the problem appears when some people are not kind to us, and if that lasts too long, no one can take it…

          • I had started replying to those who initially commented to my post before coming to yours. I wasn’t ignoring you. Please, don’t look it that way.
            I learned if someone keeps hurting me, the best I can do is avoid that person if possible. I don’t like aggravating matters to become worse.

          • Actually, I hadn’t read your article that you mentioned. I was watching a YouTube video when I came across that video and the message I got from watching it.
            I don’t approve statements of people who cause divisions or strife. I am open for correction and healthy discussions for the benefit of us.

          • I supposed that is how you were doing, it is not a problem… I can avoid a person but the problem is that person speaks that way about me PUBLICLY…

            Oh, ok, ok then… It was all happening at the same time, and a user already wrote a post based on the conflicts, many people commented too and they wrote their articles, so they started looking that way…
            Of course, I’m that way too, I was just minding people who probably had good intentions but they were actually minding other people’s business (the conflicts) and they disturbed them so they wrote posts about it, and I’m like “what my problem has to do with you…?!?” because I’m not even interested nor reading such things… Don’t read and don’t pay attention so you will not be “disturbed”… That is what my article was based on, as well as on those conflicts because they were created because of that public writing about me (indirectly of course)…

          • Indeed…! Thanks for your understanding, it means a lot… It wouldn’t even be that of a problem if that person didn’t strictly say to me to stay away from her, not write or comment about her, blocked me, but picking out on me for me and my posts where she calls me unethical and criticizes some things, if not directly then indirectly… If I comment and complain because of that she reports my comments, so since many people see that then they started writing articles about that… :/|||

  1. My thinking is when two are having an issue rather than fan it taking sides it is best they are left alone. When a third party interferes the situation worsens specially when the third party is a friend of one and not of the other.

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