We lost our last pet four months ago

Just when we had decided to call it a day for a while, keeping pets having lost our pets to old age, in walks a wee bit of a pup – a stray.  It was love at first sight.  She lapped up the milk we placed in front of her.  We named her Preiti 

Preiti as a pup was a nightmare.  Despite puppy proofing the house she was ace in destroying whatever she could lay her paws on.   But before we knew it she turned out to be a perfect lady, a dignified pet. 

We never gave her any type of training but her behaviour was her own. She loved people and was the happiest when we had guests. 

It took her a while to accept stray cats but soon she would play with them. 

She loved being with workers and spent hours with them. 

She never begged for food but sat near  the table until we finished eating. 

She loved her Vet and wagged her tail whenever he arrived.  They had a perfect bond. 

She was a great watch dog.  She alerted us when she spotted any reptile in the garden but never went close to any.  She kept us company whenever we went to the gate to open it to let visitors in…………………………

Her best friend was Gamma our pet rooster. 

She never liked when I was busy at my pc and would get restless until I got up and sat with her. 

She expected that her sheets were changed often.  She would get into tantrums until we changed them.

She was a healthy dog but her lack of interest in food in the last few months did worry us  Her tests showed there was nothing the matter with her.  But her getting in and out of eating moods reduced her to skin and bone until one fine day, after strolling the entire house and garden she breathed her last. 

Preiti decided to leave us and that is what we felt.  We had her for 12 years – 12 years of contentment and companionship

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Written by grace

I have been writing for various sites some of which have disappeared.  I have several interests including writing, photography, gardening, reaching out, cooking.  I have a blog which needs a bit of revamping and when I get some time I will go there and do justice.

I love people and have been responsible for getting together several groups such as class mates, seniors, orphaned kids and family

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