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UPS Driver risks his life to save a dog that was in a frozen pond

Ryan Arens who is employed as a delivery driver for the United Parcel Service (UPS) company decided to do his duty to save the life of a 2 year old female dog named Sadie who was trapped in a frozen pond around the Christmas holidays in Bozeman Montana.

Ryan’s adventure began near sunset when he was on his delivery route when he heard a dog whimpering nearby when he delivered a package to a home on his delivery route.

After Ryan finished delivering a package to the customer, he was able to take over the duties of taking a boat from the owner of Sadie who tried to rescue his best friend who was about 10-15 feet away from the shore trapped in the icy pond struggling to stay afloat.

After Ryan took over the boat from the owner of the dog, Ryan stripped down to his shorts to use his driving skills on the rowboat when he approached the area where Sadie was when he fell into the icy lake.

Due to his survival skills, Ryan was able to grab the collar of Sadie and swim her to the shore where a bystander handed Ryan a towel to get warm.

When Ryan went into the home where the owner of the dog who at this time was very appreciative that Ryan risked his life to save his dog allowed him to take a shower when a police officer and an animal control arrived to check on the condition of Sadie who was safe.

In Ryan’s view of the events, had he not made an attempt to rescue Sadie, by the time the law enforcement officials and animal control officer arrived at the scene, Sadie would be a gone pecan.

Ryan went on to finish his delivery runs for the rest of the Christmas Eve shift. Ryan admits that saving a dog’s life in Montana was the greatest accomplishment in his lifetime.


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