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UPS driver adopts a mixed breed dog who go onboard the truck

I am sure you have heard of the saying “Expected the unexpected.” A United Parcel Service (UPS) driver named Jason Coronado was on his delivery route when a mixed terrier-Pitbull male dog named Ernie who was one of the many pets who were at the Buffalo City Animal Shelter decided to take a ride aboard the delivery truck that Jason was driving.

Jason liked the way that he was able to bond with Ernie while he was on his delivery route. I am sure that Jason’s employer was surprised that a male dog decided to have a ride inside Jason’s delivery truck since I believe that is against company rules of allowing pets aboard a delivery truck for safety reasons.

Jason was really impressed that Ernie enjoyed being in the company of his new potential owner since Jason did not want to take the dog back to the dog pound to have the dog put down if no one wanted to adopt the dog.

Two days later after Ernie got aboard the UPS truck, Jason went to the animal shelter and made it official that he was going to adopt Ernie as new best friend for life.

Mixed breed dogs are very friendly with their human friends since it is how they are raised that determines if a dog will have a wonderful friendship with their owners.


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