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True ducks – in the world of birds

Nowadays, nearly 80 species are included in this group. They are divided into 14 genera. Medium-sized birds, very rarely small, the size fluctuates between 250 grams and a few pounds. The plumage is firm, thick, thick with a large amount of fluff, evenly covering the whole body. In most of the species, the sexual dimorphism in body color and size is strongly expressed. The body is tight and stiff, the neck is medium length, wings are usually medium long and pointed, the tail is short. The beak is flat, wide, covered with a thin, sensitive skin that passes to the top and into a rigid seam. The legs have four fingers, three of which are joined with a leather float and pointing forward, and the fourth backwards and a little higher. Fly fairly well, fast and fast with frequent flyers. On land they move relatively cumbersome, swim well, most species can and diving.

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