Train Your Dog to Behave Around Other People

If you want your dog, friends, and family to be happy, you need to make sure your dog is well behaved. It is common to feel overwhelmed when you become a first-time dog owner. But you need to set the rules so your dog knows what his boundaries are and what he can and can’t do. If you are looking for family protection dogs for sale, Prestige Protection Dogs will provide your family with not only a solid obedience and family protection dog, but also guard dogs in California, & throughout the United States.

Your dog needs to learn to be polite and to behave around other people. To help make training your dog more manageable, we’ve listed some practical behavior training tips to keep your loving dog in check.

Set the Rules

It is essential that your pet understands what he can and can’t do. Is he allowed on the couch? Upstairs? Are there specific rooms or places he can’t go in? Setting the rules early on helps him see what the limits are. At first, it may be challenging to get him to obey the rules, but he will understand what the boundaries are with reinforced training.

Teach Your Dog to Greet You and Others

Teaching your dog to greet you will help him learn to greet guests when they come over. Place a mat just in front of the door. When you come home, say “sit” when your dog is on the mat. Help him to sit. When he is sitting, give him a treat and praise him in a calm voice. Once he learns to greet you, you can quickly teach him to greet other people. It is critical that you teach your dog to sit, even if he is a small dog like a teacup French bulldog.

Invite a Friend Over

When you finally get your dog to greet you consistently, invite a friend to your home. When he knocks or rings the doorbell, have the dog sit on the mat. Don’t open the door until he sits. Praise him and give him a treat when he does it well.

Open the door for your friend and allow him to greet the dog, talk to him, and stroke him. Make sure the dog remains seated. Ask your guest to have a seat, and your dog needs to remain in the sitting position. You may have to do this several times.

Invite Several Guests Over

Once you have mastered the greeting of one person, invite other people over. When someone knocks on the door, have your dog sit on the mat. Allow the dog to sniff new guests and greet guests calmly while sitting on the mat. Keep working with him until he gets it right. Training can take time.

Reward Positive Behavior

It is essential to reward your dog when he does something you want him to do. When you have people over, reward him when he sits calmly by your side. Allow friends to reward good behavior as well. This shows your dog that he gets more attention by being gentle and calm.

Ask Guests to Ignore the Dog When He Behaves Poorly

If your dog jumps on guests, ask them to ignore the dog and refrain from petting him, talking to him, or doing anything else. This only encourages the dog to continue to jump or misbehave. Once he realizes he is not getting attention this way, he will stop.

Teach Him to Come

Teach your dog to respond when you call him. You must let your dog know that you are in charge, and he needs to answer when called. When he does come, react in a very positive way and reward him. Call him frequently, even when he is busy doing something else. If he answers even when he is playing, he knows that answering you is more important than anything else. Once he learns to come, you can better control his behavior when he is with other people. Giving the command “come,” you can keep your dog at your side, especially when he starts misbehaving with other people.

Discourage Biting and Barking

Biting is a habit dogs acquire when young. While it may seem harmless, teaching your dog not to bite or bark at other people, or at you, is important. Your dog needs to be aware that there are things he cannot bite or bark at. Remember to reward your dog when he stops barking or nipping at something you have restricted.

You can use different techniques to train your dog, but one of the most innovative methods is to use brain training. This requires you to keep your dog busy. Teach him tricks, take him for walks, and while you are doing these things, you can teach him commands and reward for good behavior.

Remember rewards are important when training your dog. Always keep a treat available, and praise your dog when he does the things you want him to do.


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