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It’s Time For Kitten Cuteness

Garfield is ready for bed he climbs into your arms, gets comfortable and falls asleep. He also loves to be rocked.

Little Miss kitten Colby is the one that always gets into mischief, always getting into something he’s not supposed to or waking you up at all hours chasing your toes lol.

Midnight the runt has his own distinct personality, he may be the smallest but he’s not afraid to take on his brothers or sister Lol.

Bella Rose is the only girl and a little Diva, she will actually pose for pics Lol!

And of course there’s Willow, there Mamma, she’s a very good Mamma, and still is a good sport about playing with Little Miss.


What do you think?


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  1. AWe. what a cute post. My favorite is the little dilute calico, and the picture at the end is priceless you know that! It also brings back my childhood memories, lol my dog and cats were my patients at the hospital as well!! Complete with bandages!! Momma cat is a good sport!

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