This Humidity is Hell!

Thursday, 8.29.19

I continued to work on my office space area, and it looks interesting, kind of like more opened up and airy because I rearranged some furniture and took out 4 cardboard storage boxes that Gumby destroyed. Gumby equates anything cardboard as scratchboard. It looks cleaner. 

I took out the trash. The 2 bins were filled up. I didn’t have any room for the cardboard boxes this time. I will save it for next time. 

By evening, it was cool, and I took a short walk in the neighborhood and UTC area. A neighbor noticed another pine tree was cut off. The association is cutting off the pine trees because I guess they are getting too big. And, replacing the area with mulch and native plants. Irvine is starting to look like a desert, even though it is around 9 miles from the coast. 

I felt tired all day. That I took a nap for a couple of seconds, and I had a short dream. A big fluffy wolf was approaching me. It appeared to be standing close to me, facing me, and just looking straight at me. He looked cute, like a fluffy gray dog. It was just looking up straight at me, in a friendly way. Then, it rushed at me, like it wanted to play, but I woke up from the dream. It is probably just symbolism. Gray means spiritual color for being detached from others. Wolf in a dream means communication and being in a group. Gray wolf signifies a need to compromise with family. A wolf also symbolizes guardian of your life. It could also mean I am a lone wolf. A friendly wolf means I will encounter harmony in my domestic life because a friendly wolf is like a pet domesticated dog. A friendly wolf in a dream could also mean that someone in waking life that appears content and happy are deep down harboring an aggressive streak. Interesting…

While walking, I found a gray puppy plastic pendant. It looks cute. (I haven’t uploaded it yet). But now that I think about it, it looks like my dream’s fluffy gray wolf’s baby. The gray puppy looked fluffy, too, but it looks more like a pet dog, similar to the gray wolf in the dream. 

Moreover, I noticed a piece of paper that got my attention. It was about adventure on the horizon with a special offer. It had to do with hiking, meditating, yoga, and beautiful views. 

I felt better after I had some salt. My low blood pressure might have been low…I didn’t check. 


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