The world’s richest cat owner of 25 billion USD

Paris: French renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away, whose cat choupette is also likely to be part of his property and get $150m fortune.

Karl Lagerfeld owned the $ 200 million property, For whom his cat ‘Choupette was very important and he was in love with his cat. Karl said that the Choupette is quite different from the usual cats and have got luxury lifestyle.That’s why Karl never gave his cat to work in animal food products advertisements.

Karl Lagerfeld always praises the beauty and style when talking about the Choupette, and in many places,he used to praises his cat. In response to a question regarding choupette, he said that Choupette is cleaned and respected cat. If this can not be the inheritance of my property, but whoever will take the Choupette after me will surely be awarded.

Remember Choupette has worked in most of his photo shoots of magazine and programs with Karl Lagerfeld. This cat was taken from a young model in 2011 by Karl, and since then, this cat is lucky and have luxury life style. Two security guards are deployed to protect the cat, while she eat in silver plates. Many super model were playing with this cat during the break in the ramp.


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