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The puppy!

Here is Luna’s first adventure. My oldest son and I took the dogs to the Santa Margarita River in Fallbrook, CA. 

Here is our day in photos. 

#1 Four dogs

You can just barely see Meika, the white one. The pack still doesn't know if they like the pup. 

Our first adventure...

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#2 The Santa Margarita River

We finally made it to this sandy beach on the river. The pup had never seen anything like it. She was in awe. She ran in the sand and played on the river bank. 

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#3 Meika

From a big boulder, I saw Meika down river, about to the other side. She loves the water. See the white spot on the right top third of frame? That's her, and the closest picture I got of her on our Tuesday hike. 

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#4 Luna

watching Meika cross the river.. 

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#5 Luna and Keizer

Keizer's tail is stiff and up, with a slight head turn. This means don't come to close and don't jump on me. lol She is learning much needed respect for the elders. 

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#6 Sunbathing

It was kind of chilly out, and the sun felt really good. 

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#7 You looking at me?

I wonder what she thought of all this. lol

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#8 They are still looking at me..

and pointing small boxes at me that make clicking noises.. hum..

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#9 The people

seem to be having fun and laughing after they point the small boxes at me. 

How about this for a pose. lol 

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#10 Puppy thoughts..

she sat next to me, taking it all in for hours after she ran and played. 

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