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The pack

Our little pack of dogs is about to get a new pack member. We had one finally outing before the new puppy arrives. They had a great day. Meika and I brought my moms Chihuahua mix and we went out with my oldest son, and his two dogs. Here are the photos I took of them, the trail and some flowers! 

The trail…Notice the yellow to red flowers on the left. 

Some flowers in a purple pink color. Fuchsia in color .

Some light lavender ones.

Mustard flowers..

The yellow, orange and red ones.. 

No dog pictures yet, they are out chasing rabbits. 

But here is a cute jumping spider with blue and red on him. 

and some prickly pear with flower buds on them. 

Well well well, there they are! Catching some shade. 

The temperature was only 70 with a very cold wind. They act like its in the 100’s. It must be hard work chasin’ those pesky wabbits. Lily giving Meika a kiss! 

Keizer shows how to drink from a bottle. 

Like this, you see you have to cup your tongue like so.

I got all four dogs in one shot. 

Meika said she saw plenty of rabbits, but never caught any.. foiled again by the pesky wabbits. 

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        • I remember, I am sorry. What a hard thing to have to go through, but we must sacrifice for our family. I have an idea, what about a Chinese Crested? As a pup she maybe could lose the fear? They are also hypoallergenic.

          • My eldest daughter is very unique, she is an indigo who can see the invisible, but she is always afraid of what she sees, in fact, she is the man with the most phobia! I understand that there is something behind that must be solved by her self.
            Can you imagine the fear of her to Susie who was a baby first when she first came? And still scared until now? How she did not dare to pass the fence of my siblings’ house that keeps the dog.

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