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The Mysterious Black Cat

Well if you have a darling black cat at home who is your pet and family member you, of course, won’t consider him or her anything evil or sinister. However black cats have gotten a bad reputation over the years. They have been given a major role in superstition, folklore, and mythology. In the Middle ages they were considered to be witch’s familiars.

Black cat beliefs:

  • Black cats are lucky in the U.K. and Asia.
  • In Yorkshire, England a black cat is lucky but it is unlucky to have the black cat cross your path.
  • It’s lucky to dream about black cats.
  • However, seeing a black cat’s paw in your dream can mean that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and that you believe in your intuition.
  • If you and your family members meet up with a black cat during a funeral procession it can mean the death of another family member.
  • In Italy, in the 16th century, people believed that if a black cat laid on someone’s bed that person would die.
  • Bad luck if a black cat crosses your path but good luck if a white cat crosses your path in North America.
  • Good luck if you find a white hair on a black cat.
  • Scottish lore has it that finding a black cat on the porch of your home will bring prosperity.
  • A bad omen is seeing a black cat from behind.
  • If a black cat walks toward you then you will have good fortune but if it walks away it will take good luck along with it.
  • If while driving a black cat crosses your path you must turn your hat backward and mark an X on your windshield to prevent bad luck.

Now a few remarks if you have a black cat at home, boy, you had better be careful.  With your pet, you will never know whether you should be coming or going. Better not let him or her on your bed if you want to live. Make sure you leave your black cat on your front porch if you are in need of money. Never look after your black cat when it is walking away from you. Whatever you do when you are driving in your car make sure you are always wearing a hat and you have a felt-tip pen with you so that if you should encounter a black cat you can pull over and do all that is necessary. Oh, yes and always keep a white cat around just in case.


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