The Loss of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow

NASA made the decision in 1963 to flood an area of marshland found on Merritt Island in eastern Florida. It was meant to control the mosquito population around the Kennedy Space Center.

Unfortunately, this island was home to the dusky seaside sparrow. This was a small dark-colored songbird. When flooding the marshland they also flooded this bird’s breeding ground. More habitat was lost when the marshes around the St. John’s River were drained for a highway project. As the years went by the dusky seaside sparrow population kept dropping. Only five of these birds remained in 1979 and they were all male. Finally, the dusky seaside sparrow was declared extinct in 1990.

While writing this a thought crossed my mind. If there are experts who want to preserve different animal and bird species why don’t they do some research in the areas where people want to do something like drainage or some other kind of things to make sure that they are not endangering any bird or animal populations.


What do you think?


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  1. They always act stupidly first, and only then assess the consequences years later, when somebody cries out about something. As if flooding could control mosquitoes. Maybe their minds were on the moon project, and nothing much else at the time.


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