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The Life and Times of Handsome Elvis

I am not talking about the King of Rock and Roll. I am talking about my boy cat who has been rechristened, Elvis. He is the sole owner of the cat tree so that is his CatGraceland. We had some logical changes made and three of the kittens were taken away to find good homes. I kept Elvis who actually looks-like Gene Simmons in KISS makeup. He is a handsome boy so now I have Elvis and my Sid who was hanging out in the palm tree today. 


Please read on to find out that both Elvis and Sid are gone now. Of course, I already wrote about my Sid so this is Elvis’ story. 

Elvis in Exile

My kitten Elvis was brought downstairs for some weeks playtime with his sister Silkie.  However, that still left me with an apartment that desperately needed vacuuming which I had not been able to do as yet and suddenly today Elvis was returned this time you could say to be in exile upstairs for being naughty downstairs. So we are trying to re-establish bonds and during this time the creature has grown so long, I think he might be a part leopard and now no long squeaks but when he opens his mouth you can certainly hear him. Perhaps another feline Pavarotti.  

Elvis in a Panic

The Elvis I am talking about is the kitten that lived with me for a while. He and his sister Silky now roam the quiet palm-lined garden here and enjoy playing in the sun. Most nights they spend outdoors but if it is rainy or cold they are inside in my friends’ apartment. Anyway, I woke up at 3 AM to hear heavy rain pouring down and thunder crashing and then very loud meows. 

 Outside my door on the porch railing is a chair which comes under part of the rooftop and was left there because occasionally the roaming cats enjoy sleeping there. Elvis has made the chair his throne and sleeps there most nights now. All that rain, lightning, and thunder got him really excited and he had climbed up to the very top of the chair and was in a real panic meowing as loud as he could. 


When I opened the door I could not see him because I was looking down not up and then I saw him and let him inside. However, a cat used to freedom does not settle down much so he stayed until some of the rain let up, and then he was off again. Since he ran down the outside stairs I knew he was heading for space under the house.  

This was the last time I saw Elvis and the next it just broke my heart.

Elvis Is Gone

However, that did not keep tragedy from happening. Last night someone apparently drove down Elvis. Death was instantaneous as his head was crushed. This I found out and he was left at the side of the street. My friend’s husband Nick found him.

Elvis April 2019 – August 2019

 I am thankful for two things. One is that one moment Elvis was chasing his sister and the next he was in a green meadow with flowers and butterflies. I truly believe this. Of course, for a moment he thought this was rather strange but I am sure by now he is cavorting around in the fields of heaven. The second thing I am thankful for is that I did not see this because I would have passed out instantly.  

This is about all you can expect of me tonight. Be back with you tomorrow. This song from Billy Joel “Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)” is for my sweet precious Elvis he didn’t even make it to his first birthday. 




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