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The butterfly effect

When I was a kid I used to run after butterflies all day long and I had a huge collection. That changed after some ants managed to find a way to reach them and they ate them… Since then, I prefer watching them, take some pictures and maybe a catch&release somtimes. One day I saw these lovely butterflies that were all over the place. I had a terrible headache because of the sun, but it was worth it. One of the pictures was from another place and I have more butterfly pictures, but I think it’s enough for the moment. Take care everybody and enjoy the pictures ?.

Get ready

Getting ready for flight!

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Look at me

Public display, it seems this butterfly wanted to attract some attention.

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One of the humming butterflies. They are always fun to watch.


We used to call this one the lemon butterfly. Hard to catch, but nice to look at.


Anothet fast butterfly and hard to catch. One of the bigger butterflies, but not that big ?.


These butterflies have some silver reflections, very pretty actually. A little elusive, but not that hard to catch.


It's not that easy to get a nice picture of this butterfly...

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