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Strange Phobias #7

31. Nomophobia

There are people out there who have fear of being without their phone. Whether it is the battery draining, mobile network fluctuating; their hearts begin racing very fast. 

32. Plutophobia

This is fear of money. These people fear wealthy or rich people and being reach. Anything associated with money sets their fear in high gear.

33. Xanthophobia

This is fear of the color yellow. It’s sad they don’t get to enjoy seeing yellow flowers.

34. Ablutophobia

Should we force them to bathe? They fear the thought of bathing. I don’t know how they go about washing their body.

35. Poyonophobia

Well, some people ensure a little trace of bear is dealt with early on. Some avoid looking at people with bears even if it happens to be their fathers. 


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Written by Benny


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