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Strange Animal Facts That Might Surprise You

The amount that we don’t know about animals is enormous. However, the amount that we do know is still staggering. The amount that we know that would qualify as trivia is mind-blowing, too. Some of those trivia facts are in the category of “Why did someone go to the trouble of finding this out”, but trivia is interesting but useless facts, after all.

What follows are useless and interesting facts about animals. Be honest, which of these did you not know?

1. A flamingo can’t eat unless its head is upside down.

2. Not even counting the tusks, an elephant’s tooth can weigh nine pounds.

3. Giant anteaters reach six feet in length, but they have mouths that are less than an inch wide. In order to survive, they must also eat thousands of termites or ants every day.

4. In World War II, the first bomb that was dropped by the Allies on Berlin, Germany hit an elephant. (I wonder who was there to witness it?)

5. Killer whales aren’t whales. They are a type of dolphin.

6. A hummingbird’s heart beats over 1,250 times per minute or over 20 times per second. In contrast, a blue whale’s heart beats about 9 times per minute.

7. At any given time, a donkey is able to see all four of its legs at the same time.

8. A baby hippo is born underwater.

9. In the wild, 90-95% of cheetah cubs never live to breeding age.

10. Around the world, about 66% of all shark attacks on humans have been in water that was less than six feet deep.

11. Despite the number of milk cows in the world, more goat’s milk is consumed, worldwide, than cow’s milk.

12.  If you cut a common starfish into five parts, each will grow back into a complete starfish.

13. About a hundred people a year die from being stepped on by cows.

14. All mammals, including whales, have pubic hair. (And just who was it who wanted to check to make sure this was true?)

15. Elephants can’t jump.

16. One of the ancestors of the modern horse stood about a foot tall.

Now you have the low-down on some pretty amazing stuff and some pretty useless information for most people. Did you know all of this already?


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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