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Spending a Break Time With The Puppies

While waiting for lunch, I decided to go to the back of the office where the little cute puppies are staying with their mom, KitKat. 

KitKat gave birth to these four cute puppies several weeks ago. They are growing very fast. A few days from now and they will be brought home by their respective owners. 

Yes, Ivory?

According to my office mates, his name is Ivory and somebody owned him already. As I observed he is the naughtiest among the four puppies. He runs the fastest so he gets the most food. No wonder, he is the biggest.

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Waiting for Lunch, too?

White Puppy with Black Patches

This Little White Puppy.

She's the most behave. 

My New Stress Reliever

Bonding with this little heart-meltingly cute puppies is a good way to spend break time. 

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