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…Edit your photos that is. Sometimes the photo shouts at you to edit! Seriously I usually don’t edit my photos. However I caught this sparrow perched on my hummingbird feeder perch and I thought he would look nice in black and white. He is a small bird and not very colorful. He is actually an enemy to the bluebirds in my yard. Nevertheless he deserves a place at the perch every now and then. So I thought I would dress him up a bit and put him in black and white. Do you have birds in your yard?


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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Indeed this came out great in black and white. Great work
    A lot of sparrows frequently visit us everyday. I think they have some nests on the nearby trees. Since we are surrounded partly by open fields and rice fields, a lot of egrets fly by as well…

  2. I have the same initial reaction as indexer above! But I have learned that Americans mean garden when they say yard. On this side of the Atlantic, a yard is more likely to contain bits of broken machinery than plants (Aha – maybe that’s where the other meaning of ‘plant’ came from 😮 ) Yes, lots of birds in my garden. My wife runs a gardening channel on YouTube and people always remark on the sweet birdsong in the background on all her videos 🙂

    • I am talking about my entire yard Norman. My backyard mainly but they flock in my front yard as well. My garden is where my flowers are. I am talking “yard”. 🙂 This time of the year especially they come in flocks to my yard. And all I have in my yard are trees. Good for your wife that sounds like fun!

  3. If by ‘yard’ you mean ‘garden’, then yes, we do. The most regular visitors to the bird feeder are house sparrows, starlings, woodpigeons and collared doves. Ground feeders include blackbirds and jackdaws. Less regular visitors include bullfinches, chaffinches, blue tits and robins.

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